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Otolaryngology concerns the conditions that affect the ears, nose, and throat, commonly referred to as ENT problems. These are a wide range of disorders of nature- temporary (acute) or long-lasting (chronic). Since establishment, we have been dedicated to treating all such medical conditions that impact ear, nose, and throat functions. We have the finest ENT Specialist, Dr. Mukund Vaghela, and other trained medical staff in the service of Ear, Nose, and Throat Treatments. Our hospital leads the field of Otolaryngology (Otorhinolaryngology) by having well-equipped medical care facilities, round-the-clock routine, and emergency assistance, and a professional medical practitioner with his team at the frontline to deliver the best results to anyone who seeks ENT Treatment in Ahmedabad. We diagnose and treat both adults and children suffering from Ear, Nose, and Throat diseases, i.e., ENT Disorders. The range of treatments at Kundan ENT Hospital covers many conditions, including infections, inflammation, cysts, loss of senses, partial or complete deafness, voice issues, soreness, and many other disorders.

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Our approach toward patients is giving them a quality diagnosis and comprehensive treatment. We use all the latest technology-based diagnostic instruments to determine the problem causing hindrance to the Ear, Nose, or Throat from normal working. The examination done by our ENT Specialist is appropriate that helps to decide on the line of treatment, never compromising on quality care. The treatments given at our ENT Hospital in Ahmedabad are non-surgical as well as surgical. We make efforts to ensure the best treatment and aftercare for our patients by utilizing the expertise of our ENT Surgeon, Dr. Mukund Vaghela, ably supported by our team of clinicians. Each staff member, at our ENT Clinic, strives to provide evidence-based and patient-centric pre and post-treatment supervision to every individual, making their experience satisfactory. In any case, if you suffer or notice any unusual signs related to ear, nose, and throat organs, leave all your worries and seek the most effective cure from our ENT Doctor at Kundan ENT and Vertigo Hospital.

ENT Specialist Dr. Mukund Vaghela

Dr. Mukund Vahgela is the leading ENT Doctor with more than 13 years of experience. He has a vast experience in the Otorhinolaryngology field as a consultant and an ENT Surgeon in Ahmedabad. Managing, assisting, and performing OPD and ENT Surgeries successfully, he also excels in managing trauma and emergency cases regarding Ear, Nose, and Throat diseases. His fellowships, papers, national and international publications, workshops, and clinical experience speaks volume of his medical excellence as an ENT Specialist in Ahmedabad. Having a deep understanding of the field, he spreads awareness while providing holistic care. As a renowned surgeon, he ensures that while his patients have a safe space to trust him with their problems, he is able to improve their overall quality of life through his service.

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Our ENT Treatments


Ear Treatment

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Nose Treatment

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Throat Treatment

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Treatment of Ear , Nose & Throat Diseases

For small infections, like a cold, you can often make yourself feel better by taking pain relievers and drinking lots of liquids at home. But if you feel really sick or keep getting infections, it's important to go see an ENT Doctor in Ahmedabad.

Treatment of Vertigo & Snoring Diseases

Vertigo is when you feel dizzy and like everything is moving or spinning, even when it's not. Sometimes, it happens when you're on a ride or in a moving car because your body is still. But it can also happen if something's wrong with the parts inside your ear. In severe cases, you may need surgical treatment from an ENT Surgeon.


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