Types of Ear Disorders

1. Ear Infections:-

Ear Infection can happen in the inner, middle, or outer parts of the ear.

Inner Ear Infection (Otitis Interna):

The inner ear has cochlea and vestibular systems (Labyrinth), which, when infected by viruses or bacteria or become inflamed due to underlying medical conditions, cause Inner ear infections. These inner ear infections, like Labyrinthitis or Vestibular neuritis, can cause imbalance, ear pain, hearing problems, tinnitus, etc., necessitating proper treatment. Our specialized doctor provides Inner Ear Infection Treatment.

Middle Ear Infection (Otitis Media) :

Infection or inflammation in the middle ear (the space between the inner ear and the eardrum) often results when mucus builds up and bacteria or viruses infect it. Symptoms of Otitis Media are ear pain, tugging sensation in the ear, ear pressure, fever, etc. It is prevalent in children more than adults. Complications may occur, thus, prompt Middle Ear Infection Treatment is important.

Outer Ear Infection (Otitis Externa) :

It occurs when the pathway between the middle and the outer ear (Ear Canal) is infected due to moisture trap, narrow ear canal, harsh cleaning, and many others. Since swimming can lead to excess water trapped in the ear, the condition is called Swimmer's ear. Mainly, this infection leads to redness and swelling of the ear canal and itching in the ear. It is one of the main causes of ear pain, requiring effective Ear Pain and Infection Treatment.

2. Ear Discharge:-

Ear Discharge is often due to excess earwax buildup and a symptom of several ear disorders. It is also known as Otorrhea. Normal Earwax comes as discharge, but other than that, many conditions may lead to fluid release from the ear. The fluid may be yellow, white, and clear, with blood or pus-like. Any abnormality makes it essential to get a diagnosis of the cause of Ear Discharge, followed by Ear Treatment, as there may be complications associated with the ear problem.

3. Earwax Buildup:-

Earwax Buildup, or Cerumen Impaction, is the wax accumulation in the ear canal. Usually, it is a protective layer, but if in excess or hardened, Earwax becomes a concern. The normal ear working is affected as the person feels fullness in the ear, has ear pain, and faces loss in hearing. Several treatments are available that help remove earwax accumulation. At Kundan, get the best Earwax Removal Treatment.

4. Meniere's Disease:-

It is a condition affecting the inner ear. People with Meniere's Disease may experience symptoms like disturbed balance, spinning sensations, ringing sound in the ears (tinnitus), and hearing loss that comes and goes. It may be due to fluid buildup in the inner ear. As the disease is serious and its symptoms may become complications in the future, treatment is essential, which aims to manage the worsening of the symptoms. The remedial action will work as Ear Pain Treatment also.

5. Tinnitus:-

Tinnitus is a condition in which a person hears ringing, buzzing, or other noises in their ears when there is no external sound present. The sound can be constant or intermittent and vary in volume and pitch. Several factors, including loud noise exposure, ear infections, head injuries, certain medications and disorders, etc., may cause this. Tinnitus can be a mild annoyance or a persistent condition, depending on its severity. Some people with tinnitus also experience difficulty sleeping and concentrating, and treatments can help manage the symptoms. For Tinnitus Treatment, consult our expert.

6. Ruptured Eardrum:-

A Ruptured Eardrum refers to a hole or tear in the Eardrum (the thin layer separating the outer ear from the middle ear). A tear can happen due to several things, like ear injury, infection, sudden air pressure change, foreign body in the ear, and more, leading to pain, drainage, dizziness, etc. On suspecting this, go to the Ear Specialist. Dr. Vaghela, to get the right Ruptured Eardrum Treatment.

8. Barotrauma:-

Barotrauma is an ear problem caused by a difference in air pressure between the middle and the outer ear. It can happen during activities like scuba diving or driving over high mountains. Even at the time of flying in an airplane, it can happen. The condition is also known as airplane ear, diver's ear, and mountain sickness. Severe ear pain, trouble hearing, pressure in the ear, and dizziness are the symptoms of Ear Barotrauma. On experiencing persistent symptoms, it is a must to take treatment.

9. Foreign body in the ear:-

Foreign objects can get stuck in the ear for many reasons. Objects such as beads, buttons, small toys, or even insects can get inside the ear canal, causing pain, discomfort, and hearing loss. If there is a sensation of something stuck inside the ear, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. It is recommended to avoid trying to remove the foreign body in the ear as it can worsen ear pain and damage the eardrum/ear canal.

10. Cholesteatoma:-

A cholesteatoma is a noncancerous skin growth that forms behind the eardrum (in the middle ear) or the mastoid bone. These may be congenital or acquired and can grow slowly over time, damaging the surrounding structures. People with Cholesteatoma suffer from earache, ear pressure, and persistent discomfort and notice fluid drainage. At our clinic, get proper diagnosis and treatment of Cholesteatoma.

11. Hearing Loss:-

Hearing Impairment or Loss can be acute or chronic. It can be a gradual loss of hearing as a person ages or due to long-term exposure to loud noise and other ear disorders. Hearing Loss could be Conductive (affected outer or middle ear), Sensorineural (affected inner ear or auditory nerve), or Mixed (affected any part of the ear). Even the degree of Hearing Loss varies from Normal to Profound. Many Hearing Loss Treatments are available at our clinic, which can be non-surgical or surgical.